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ORBE: Job File Scheduler Enhancements
Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trust Data Solutions
 has published an upgrade to ORBE:JFS on February 22, 2012. Changes to the website will be available immediately.  Your ORBE Client will pick up the changes sometime early on Thursday, 2/23/2012.  This will briefly shut down your Client and bring it back up. Usually it takes only a few minutes.   

This will briefly shut down your Client and bring it back up. Usually it takes only a few minutes.  If you have not changed the update time, the default time is 2am. If that is not a good time for your operations, go to JFS > ADMIN > Events and find “ORBE Client Update” and edit the time shown there.  

We recommend that you keep the schedule set to Weekly on Thursday or Friday, so that you do not lag too far behind when we publish an update.

The changes in this upgrade are as follows:

  • We made a couple of fixes for retrieving a list of reports from Symitar, and for applying dynamic date syntax to letter files and report titles when transferring these file types to or from Symitar.

  • Added capability to execute SQL queries on SQL Server or MySQL. Queries that return data can be extracted to a file.

  • Jobs with event-based schedules (i.e. the schedule “Occurs occasionally”) now have several options for determining when the job runs with respect to the underlying event(s). In particular, you can cause a job to run (or not run) at specific times on closed holidays.*

  • When creating an exception to a job’s schedule, you can now specify the duration of the exception, in addition to when it starts. This is useful for blocking out entire periods of time (such as an entire day), during which a job will not run. 

*PLEASE NOTE:  We recommend that you wait until your client updates itself BEFORE using this feature on the website. (This pertains only to Occasional Schedules).


TDS 2011 Roadshow Part II
Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Trust Data Solutions exhibited at the SymEast 2011 Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland. The East Coast Symitar Users Group is comprised of credit unions located in the eastern US that use the Symitar core processing system. For more information visit www.symeast.org or http://www.facebook.com/pages/SymEast-Symitar-Users-Group/154265084619487


TDS 2011 Road Show Part I
Saturday, December 3, 2011
Trust Data Solutions exhibited at the annual Symitar South Central Users' Group (SSCUG) Conference in March held in New Orleans. SCCUG is made up of Credit Unions located in the South Central portion off the USA who use the Symitar core processing system. www.sscug.com

TDS enjoyed our opportunity to meet and greet clients, prospects and new friends. We also were given the opportunity to show Credit Unions how our software applications help them manage their Credit Unions more effectively, efficiently and affordably.


Trust Data Solutions Supports the North Texas Food Bank
Saturday, December 3, 2011
Trust Data Solutions has joined with our parent company, Texas Trust Credit Union, in contributing to the North Texas Food Bank, which addresses the critical issue of hunger in the North Texas area.

Through a network of charitable organizations, the North Texas Food Bank is dedicated to feeding the hungry in 13 North Texas counties. Donate and Get Involved.  Below, TDS team member Steve Heidel helps organize cans of food that will be donated to the North Texas Food Bank.

For more information visit:
http://ntfb.org/ or www.facebook.com/feednorthtexas 
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