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Real-Time eAlert Notifications to Members 

eAlerts! Email Notification System provides members with real-time notification, via email, as important account events occur. When integrated into your existing online banking site, this cutting-edge solution reduces call center demand, accelerates fraud detection and provides a competitive advantage.

Members can set up eAlerts! and customize them to their specific needs. They can choose when to be notified, what information they want contained in the email, provide multiple email addresses and even create multiple eAlerts of the same type. For example, your member can be notified at their home email address when their account balance falls below $100.00 and on their email-enabled wireless device when it drops below $20.00.

  ORBE eAlerts!  eAlerts! 2010  

ORBE eAlerts! eAlerts! 2010

Part of a complete integrated
suite of tools and applications
designed to manage your
business and its data.
An integrated Email
Notification System that
provides members with
real-time notification, via email.

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Learn More...

Available eAlerts! Functions Include
  • Low Balance
  • NSF
  • Courtesy Pay
  • Overdraw Transfer
  • Direct Deposit
  • Low Available Credit
  • Loan Payment Changed
  • Maturing Certificate
  • Specific Check Clearing
  • Large Debit-Card Purchase
  • Large Credit Card Purchase
  • Mailing address Change
  • Loan Payment Due
  • Reg D. Limit Reached

eAlerts! Benefits Include

  • Web-based notifications that can easily integrate into your current online services 
  • eAlerts in real time to help improve financial control and reduce fraud risk
  • Reliable and customizable eAlerts to meet the needs of the Credit Union and it's members
  • Much-desired service to improve member loyalty
  • Easy-to-install program that fully integrates into Episys
  • Messages can be sent to any device capable of receiving e-mail

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