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Xperience™ is an online Survey, Polling, Assessment, Training and Testing System built around an integrated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).

Survey Surveys

Xperience allows for survey invitations and codes to be printed directly on teller receipts and member letters.  The easy-to-use interface allows you to see survey results daily, at the click of a button, without the time loss or data input that is required with printed surveys.

Each survey is fully customizable and can be traced back to an individual transaction.  Create and personalize great surveys including:
  • Customer / Member Satisfaction
  • Employment Application
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Market Research
  • New Employee
  • Exit Interviews
  • Web Satisfaction
  • and more...
Polls Polls
  Create customized polls for:
  • Events
  • Favorite Selections
  • Attendance Counts
  • Compliance
  • Policy Reviews
  • and more...
Surveys Assessments
   Xperience allows for customized assessments and reviews for:
  • Products
  • Performance Reviews / Assessments
  • Purchasing Decisions
  • and more...
Training Training
   Create your own customized online training.
  • Add Pictures and/or Videos
  • Branching for targeted training
Xperience is ideal for tracking and creating your annual training and compliance!
Testing Testing

Xperience allows for customized online evaluation and testing.

  • Assess Training comprehension and effectiveness
  • Create Timed Test

Xperience Benefits Include:
  • Full integration with the Symitar Episys system
  • Survey design interface that allows you to customize questions and responses for your members.  Learn what your members think about your website, online banking, new account openings, loans, teller transactions, phone center interactions, and more...
  • Results can be reported according to branch, product or individual employee.
  • Results can be traced back to an individual transaction.
  • Survey can include transaction information such as brand and teller.  For example, "How well did Chris do at making you feel welcome when you visited the 15th Street branch?"
  • Save postage and per survey costs associated with paper/mail surveys. 
  • There is essentially no "per survey" cost with Xperience.
  • Xperience Surveys can be is integrated (embedded) within your website, so members can visit your site to take the surveys, tests, polls, and/or training.

Xperience Features

Additional Features

  • Unlimited number of surveys at the same time
  • Unlimited number of questions in a survey
  • Unlimited number of respondents on a survey
  • User-Management
  • Over 15 different question types with more to come
  • Add pictures and movies into a survey
  • Conditions for questions depending on earlier answers (Skip Logic / Branching)
  • Weight and Score Questions
  • Question and Survey Libraries
  • Re-usable editable answer / survey sets
  • Ready-made importable questions
  • Assessment surveys
  • Anonymous and Non-Anonymous surveys
  • Survey Group Management
  • Optional public registration for surveys
  • Email distribution
  • Option for participants to to continue survey at a later time
  • Template editor for creating your own custom looks
  • Extended and user-friendly administration interface
  • Back-office data entry possibility
  • Survey expiry dates for automation
  • Enhanced import and export functions
  • Basic statistical and graphical analysis with export facility

Xperience makes it easy to manage and analyze your results.

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